Diamond Wax Melts

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I added this diamond-shaped wax melts to our collection after a trip in Romania, when I discovered this amazing mold. Is exactly 25g, which is a perfect size for most wax burners, electrical or candle operated.

If you are a new customer and have no idea what blends will suit you, try the starter pack for wax melts found here, is a mixture of our blends and shapes, these are a perfect starting point.

Wax melts are also perfect for people like me, who are worried they might forget the candle burning. With wax melts you can buy an electric wax burner that is safe to use, no flame needed; not to mention that some of the burners are very cute, my favorite is this one here.

I am only using natural sustainable soy wax that is not damaging to the environment. Soya Wax Melts are a natural way to fill your home with essential oils and are safe and easy to use.

I designed these soya melts for use in all tea light oil burners. You can vary the strength by increasing the amount of melt used and also combine different scents together.

You can find more of your amazing wax melts here.

Additional information

Chose Essential Oil Blend

Back to nature, Black Therapy, Buttery, Christmas Snow, Christmas Tree, Dark Sunset-Shaving Soap, French Lavender, Midnight Dessert, Morning Glory, Pink Smile, Purisium, Rose Embrace, Spice of life, Tea Tree Temptation, Vintage Dream, Winter Witchery

Candle care

Burning your candle for 2-3 hours at a time ensures that the wax melts all the way to the edge of the container. The melted wax (not the flame) is what gives off your candle’s scent, so this will maximize your candle’s scent when lit. It will also prevent your candle from “tunneling”, or burning a hole down the center of the candle while leaving a ring of un-melted wax along the inside of the container.

Make sure you trim your wick before you start a new burn, this will ensure the flame is small and the wax will not burn faster than necessary.

Since our candles are made out of soybeans, they are naturally biodegradable which makes accidental spills easier to clean with just hot water, soap and some elbow grease.

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