Eco Friendly tips and tricks!

A life without plastic can be challenging as plastic found his way in everything, including our food, but we can make small changes every day, slowly, so this lifestyle won’t feel overwhelming.

Living an eco life doesn’t have to be hard work. It can be about making small changes in every day life.

Here’s a couple of ways that you can take a greener path – without too many sacrifices!

  • Look for paper card or cardboard packaging alternatives to plastic
  • A plastic bottle does not need another layer of plastic to protect it.
  • Use a shaving soap as alternative to shaving creams
  • Use a stainless steel safety razor as alternative to disposable ones
  • Use reusable cotton face pads as alternative to disposable ones
  • Try bamboo toothbrushes
  • Make sure your cotton buds are not made of plastic, bamboo or paper alternatives are now available.
  • Try a natural muslin cloth, or a flannel as a replacement to wet wipes
  • Use a wool soap saver as alternative to plastic sponges
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