Our core values

Being environmentally aware is so important to us, and is one of our core values. Packaging our soaps in recycled flyers from a local market, minimal packaging and no plastic been used in any part of the packaging process is just one of the ways we try to be environmentally friendly.


We use friendly ingredients like coffee grains instead of Microbeads, we make water-free products to minimize the needs of preservatives and unnecessary packaging.


A high ph does protect a soap bar from bacteria but if left in water, it will become soggy and that water will slowly grow bacteria. Read here how to care for your soap and extend their life.

Simple and luxurious ingredients!

All of these decisions does restrict us to small batches and we can’t compete with the big companies, especially when it comes to price. But that’s OK – because we prefer quality over quantity when it comes to great skincare!


I love reusing materials that have no use for anyone anymore. A local market has offered us their old flyers that can’t be used anymore. The back was left blank and is perfect for warping our soap bars, is has a bit of shine to it and is better at keeping the essential oils from evaporating than the usual paper. When we run out of old flyers, old books pages are used and they look so vintage and quirky.

Glass packaging

Where possible we use glass components to package the products. Not only does this look great – but it also means that the glass packaging is recyclable. I often reuse glass jars that I but ingredients I use in making the soaps, or jars that have been gifted to me by friends. They get cleaned and sterilized before reuse, you can reuse/recycle them or return them to me if you are local.

Cardboard packaging

All the boxes we use are compostable, we started composting our kitchen scraps in 2018, and I am hooked. If you know anything about composting, you know brown materials are harder to get in the city, especially if you have lots of vegetable scraps as we do. You can use all the boxes we supply to add brown materials to your compost bin, or gift them to a friend that has a compost, or better yet, use them as gift boxes for your DIY projects.

BULK BUY! Buying in bulk is a great way to not only get the best price on goods, but also to minimize the amount of deliveries you get, that means less packaging and less petrol used by the post office. Have a look at these collection boxes here and maybe you will find one that is suitable for your household.


I started making soap for myself and for many years was just a hobby. It slowly developed in a small business that now is my life and I love it.

I feel so lucky to be able to LIVE the LIFE I LOVE and have so many people put their trust in me and using my products. The life I dreamed is happening right now for me and is amazing, I wish every one of you can be as lucky as I am. THANK YOU, this is only possible because of YOU, every time you place an order is telling me the products I developed are loved by you and this makes me so happy.

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